The dwarves do not have an official religion. They do not believe in gods. Instead, their philosophy promotes excellence, and an almost intimate tie to the rock -- the Stone -- that houses them. They speak of it as if it is alive. They respect, fear, cherish, and give thanks to her for protecting them and providing them with her bounty. Dwarves believe that when they die, they return to the stone and become Ancestors. Criminals, disgraced, surfacers, and their descendants -- the "unworthy" -- are cast out, so that their failings may not weaken the Stone.

Worship and spiritual guidance are reserved for the Ancestors, and above the Ancestors and all others are the dwarves that have been raised to Paragon status for great achievements, whether in combat or something else entirely. Paragons are examples for the dwarves, to be followed and to be revered. In death, it is said the Paragons become one with the densest stone at the base of all mountains -- a foundation upon which all dwarven society rests. These Ancestors communicate their wishes to the living via brutal trials-by-combat called Provings. The Ancestors' collective wisdom is maintained by the Shaperate, which stores its records in lyrium.

Known ParagonsEdit

  • Aeducan: the Paragon that led the defenses of Orzammar against the darkspawn when they first poured into the Deep Roads and almost completely destroyed the dwarves. It is said that his election to Paragon had but one dissenting vote; the one who cast that vote was summarily beaten to death by his fellow deshyrs, allowing the election to pass unanimously.
  • Astyth the Grey: the first female Paragon of the Warrior Caste. She founded the Silent Sisters, and members of that order cut out their tongue in emulation of her.
  • Bemot: became a Paragon and king in one move, having been born a commoner.
  • Branka: the only paragon to have been elected in generations. Discovered a smokeless coal. Deceased after taking her whole house sans her husband Oghren into the Deep Roads in search of the Anvil of the Void.
  • Caridin: created the Golems, originally from the Smith Caste.
  • Gherlon the Blood-Risen: born casteless, and ventured to the surface, only to come back and win the throne of Orzammar.
  • Garal: the Paragon who moved the capitol from Kal-Sharok to Orzammar.
  • Hirol: was renowned for the improvements he made to golem power and resilience.
  • Varen: discovered Nugs are edible.
  • Volney: deeds are unknown, but became a Paragon by the narrowest margin in dwarven history -- a single vote.
  • Lynchcar: deeds are not known, but is mentioned in a book of poetry
  • Seuss: a Paragon named for his rhyming skills.
  • Eryan: wrote the book "Songs that only Nugs can hear" in 5:84 Exalted
  • Ortan: created the Ortanic symphony
  • Unnamed Child Paragon: deeds and identity are unknown; the memorial found in Caridin's cross has been defiled by darkspawn.

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