In the desolate landscape of the Anderfels, two Blights have left the steppes of Anderfels so completely devoid of life that corpses cannot even decay there, no beast, insect, or bacterium able to survive to feed on them. The Anders are a poor people, though their proud culture remains, and they are likely the most pious followers of the Chantry in Thedas. The order of the Grey Wardens founded in the Anderfels to drive back the first Blight, and it remains its headquarters at the mighty Weisshaupt Fortress, though its griffon ayries now lie empty. Another landmark in the Anderfels is the great Merdaine, with the statue of Andraste carved into its face. Unlike anywhere else, the Wardens hold power in the Anderfels, and are treated as lords and banns, and it is a position of power they've taken advantage of.

Characters from the Anderfels