The most prominent religion in Thedas, Andrastian Chantry is based on the Chant of Light, a series of teachings written by the prophet Andraste, bride of the Maker. It was founded by Kordillius Drakon, the first Emperor of Orlais. Three years later the first Divine, Justinia I, was declared. During the Towers Age, there was a Schism between the Chantry in Tevinter and that of the other nations; see the Imperial Chantry for more information.


Andraste, Bride of the Maker

To the Chantry, followers of all other religions -- especially non-humans, who they believe have turned from the Maker's grace more than humanity has -- is that they need saving. The Chantry's goal is to spread the Chant of Light to the four corners of the world, interpretted as such from the Chant of Light. Once all peoples have accepted the Chant and practice its teachings, supposedly the Maker will return to the world and return it to its previous Edenic state.

Followers of the Chantry are Andrastians, and "Chantric" is used to refer to something or someone having to do with Chantry religion. The Chantry calendar is used everywhere in Thedas, save for the Tevinter Imperium. Funeral rites in the Chantry involve cremation, so that demons cannot possess them, and because Andraste was burned at the stake. Chantries are present in nearly every village, town, and city, and in some large organisations such as Circles and Fort Drakon. Some -- including the Chantry in Kirkwall -- maintain a Chanter's Board, a job board for mercenaries and others willing to do good deeds or make money. When not capitalised, the word "chantry" refers to a place of worship, be it a Chantry or not.

Chantry HierarchyEdit

  • Divine: is the head of the Chantry. She resides in the Grand Cathedral in Val Royeaux. She is addressed as "Most Holy" or "Your Perfection." Beatrix III is the current Divine.
  • Grand Cleric: the next rank beneath Divine. Each presides over her region, and represents many Chantries. They convene in Val Royeaux at the College of Clerics. They are addressed as "Your Grace." Elthina is the Grand Cleric of Kirkwall.
  • Mother: These are the priests responsible for administering to the spiritual well-being of their flock. If in charge of a Chantry, "Revered" is appended to her title. A Mother or Revered Mother is referred to as "Your Reverence."
  • Brothers & Sisters: They form the rank and file of the priesthood, and fit into three groups
    • Affirmed: Lay-brethren of the Chantry, regular folks who serve the Chantry for their own reasons.
    • Initiates: People serving the Chantry who have taken vows. They are in training, whether academic or martial. All recieve an academic education, but only those who seek to become Templars learn how to fight (see Templar Order.
    • Clerics: academics of the Chantry, devoting themselves to the pursuit of knowledge. They preside over books and relics. Older clerics are given the title "elder" and others are known by their title -- Sister or Brother.

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