Status: Deceased
Race Human
Age 33
Gender Her Royal Majesty identifies as a woman.
Sexual Orientation Very stringently heterosexual.
Hometown Gwaren, Ferelden.
Residence In my *clears throat* our palace, in Denerim.
Affiliation I am the Queen. Why must you waste my time with such trivial inquiries?
Occupation Running a country and ensuring that one's husband does not embarrass one is a full time job, I assure you.
Class Rogue (it is implied in the codices that Anora is trained in archery and some minor swordplay. She is also listed as a high-level boss in-game. If this is a problem, please let me know).
Specialization Silver-tongued Politician.
Gear An arched eyebrow that makes knights wither, a tiara, and her father's education. She needs nothing else.
Behind the Mask
Player Ouyang Dan
Face Claim N/A
Profile Link Here


Anora Mac Tir is a tall woman, probably measuring in around 5'10". Her pale blonde hair has the first hints of silver in it here and there, and falls to her waist though it is always smartly secured at the base of her head. Her clear blue eyes give nothing away and have a way of gazing through a person rather than at them.

She carries herself with a distinct air of regality. The daughter of a a great war hero and now the wife of two kings, she always holds her chin high with her Ferelden Pride.

Anora walks with an easy grace. Her posture is always proper and poised at all times. Not one to show her emotions, Anora's body language seldom gives away what she is actually thinking or feeling. She looks up to no one save her father. One can be certain that every motion Anora makes is intentional, and every expression that crosses her lovely features is carefully deliberate.


If Anora seems cold, it is because she wants you to believe it is so. She is naturally a polite and affable person to those she considers friends and allies. She chooses her words carefully and is often two or three exchanges ahead of a conversation with her planning. Nothing she does is unplanned, rather always thought out to the most logical conclusion, as well as several less-logical but hightly probable ones.





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