Benedicta Rezik
Status Alive
Race Dwarf
Age 26
Birth Date
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Hometown Orzammar
Residence Kirkwall
Affiliation Merchant's Guild
Occupation Trinkets and General Goods Merchant
Class Rogue
Specialization Shadow
Gear She has 2 daggers that she keeps strapped to her thighs, and a knife that she keeps in one of the pockets of her waistband. She doesn't wear armour.
Behind the Mask
Player thinkpinklivelime
Face Claim
Profile Link Here


She has large light grey eyes are a striking feature in her otherwise plain face. Her nose is small and shapely, for a dwarf, and her small lips are nicely shaped if a little too pouty. She has long dark auburn hair that hangs well below her waist but is almost always tied up in a high bun, with a few loose threads that surround her face. She's normally wearing a pair of brown leather leggings, knee high brown travelling boots and a loose plain cream tunic with a large pocketed belt like waistband.


She usually has an answer to everything, is often sarcastic and pretty quick to anger. Even so she makes an effort to help the little guy when she can; if she feels they deserve it that is. She doesn't like her given name and chooses to introduce herself as Ben (unless she's infront of her father). She rarely fights and chooses to slink away where she can, but she does have some skills she can use if the need calls for it. When she's not at her stall in Hightown she can be found at The Hanged Man where she goes to keep a quiet ear out for rumours and town gossip.


The elder daughter of an ex-noble caste family, House Reizik from Orzammar, Benedicta Reizik (known to most as, Ben) is part of the Dwarven Merchant's Guild in Kirkwall.

Born in Orzammar and raised mostly by her mother (originally of merchant caste) she was brought up with the intention of her taking on the family business while her younger brother, Gesan, was mostly left to his own devices as the noble son of her father, Bikdar.

The family lived in Orzammar until she was 18 years old when her father discovered to have had various dealings with the carta and the whole family was forced to leave in a hurry. Unfortunately, Ben's mother was killed during their escape by an opportunistic casteless dwarf.

They eventually ended up in Kirkwall after spending 4 years travelling around Ferelden before deciding to settle in Highever, where Ben set up a trinkets emporium (specializing in enchant-able bracelets, rings and belts with slots for runes) before her father angered one of the local bann's to the extent where the only option they had was to leave Highever, and Ferelden, as quickly as possible.



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