Boudicca Danufae
Status Alive
Race Human
Age 20
Birth Date
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Hometown She does not remember.
Residence Nomadic
Occupation Mercenary/Handywoman (will do any sort of work for money & food)
Class Warrior
Specialization Guardian
Gear Leather armour, woolen cape with hood, soft doeskin boots, leather knapsack, bow & quiver
Behind the Mask
Player Evanescent-Dream
Face Claim Mizzd-Stock Bookworm Series
Profile Link Here


Boudicca's face is soft and heart-shaped, her lips are shaped like a cupid's bow and are cherry-pink in color. Her eyes are reddish-brown with a ring of color which changes slightly in color from gray to green. Her nose is of normal size, but it has a tiny bump of it's bridge from being broken in battle. Her hair reaches past her waist and is wavy with a dark red hue. Her shoulders and neck are slim and well-defined. Her breasts are of about average size (Between a B and a C in modern measures), and her hips are a little wider than she would like. Her muscles are well defined, but she still has that characteristic feminine layer of softness over her belly and thighs. Boudicca does not tan well; her skin usually remains pale even with prolonged exposure to the sun. Her hands are calloused but her fingers are long and would be dainty if they were not rough from hard use. Her ears are pierced, one piercing in her right ear, two in her left. She regularly stains patterns into her skin on her non-dominant arm with a strong smelling foreign compound (we would know it as henna).


Boudicca has had a history of amnesia following very stressful events. At the present moment, she does not remember her family, friends, or recent past. She only recalls glimpses of her mother's and father's faces. Throughout her journey I plan on having her remember her past in snippets. All she knows is that she is a warrior of some kind because of the items she carries.



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