This is a list of canon characters, showing what has been taken and what has not, and links to the profiles of those who have been taken. Taken will be by those that have been taken, Reserved by those that have been reserved, and Available by those that are available.

To reserve a canon, please post in this topic. Reservations are first-come, first-serve; however, if a person hasn't put up their application after a week, we will reopen the canon for application. For rules on canon characters, check the Rules.

Free Marches

Hawke & Amell Family

Garrett Hawke's Companions



  • The Arishok is integral to the plot, and he is a very hard character to grasp the personality of. Therefore I'll be very strict when looking over any applications for him.

Other Major Characters

Other or Minor Characters

NPC Characters




Origin Characters



If there is one that is not on this list that you'd like to play, let me know.

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