Edward Tennant
Status Alive
Race Human
Age 23
Birth Date
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Hometown Val Royeaux, Orlais
Residence Free Marches, Kirkwall
Class Warrior
Gear Sword and Shield, White Steel Chain mail armor
Behind the Mask
Player Hawthorne
Face Claim
Profile Link Here


Edward has a fittingly youthful, noble appearance. He stands at a respectable 6'1 with the toned, muscular build that comes with constantly fighting and training. He has short, shaggy, light blonde hair with light, clear skin.


Edward was born the youngest child and son of an Orlesian noble and a woman from the Free Marches of Kirkwall, and as such, considers himself of both nations. Alongside his brother Daniel and his sister Alison, he was taught Orlesian aristocracy and culture from a young age while also being trained in sword and shield by their father. Unlike his siblings, Edward had no interest in the politics that came with being nobility. Instead, he focused more on his fighting, hearing tales of the Grand Tourney held in Tantervale. As a child he was told stories of great warriors who achieved fame and glory in battle. He was inspired to do the same and his ultimate goal is to travel to Tantervale and become a champion of the Tourney.

Edward attended the University of Orlais for a few years before venturing to Kirkwall with his mother to visit their family. He participated in the last Tourney but only made it to the semi-finals. He currently resides in his family's small Hightown estate waiting for the next tournament to begin.



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