Status "Alive"
Race Pride
Age Ageless, has been in Kirkwall since its construction when it was still known by the Tevinter Imperium as "The City of Chains"
Birth Date
Gender Presumably "female"
Sexual Orientation None
Hometown The Fade
Residence The torn Veil in Kirkwall
Affiliation Demon, obviously on the side of the Mages.
Occupation Wheelin' and dealin', tempting mages.
Class Pride Demon
Specialization Blood Magic
Gear None
Behind the Mask
Player Mai
Face Claim
Profile Link Here


Average Pride Demon, slightly more slender and decidedly almost feminine looking, with a longer muzzle and a long, prehensile, spiked tail.


Invidia was born from the pride of the magisters who created the City of Chains, and she watched until the magisters called to her, and she made deals with them all, seeing her share of hosts, partners and apprentices throughout the ages of the city, watching with interest as the Veil tore and began to fray. She saw the rise and fall of Tevinter occupation, the seige of the Qunari, the claiming of Kirkwall by Orlais, the uprising of the slaves, and eventually, the claiming of Kirkwall as an independent city-state.

She watched as the Circle was founded and built in the Gallows, and watched the Harrowings. Some of the failures were her doing, some where her ilk. Each failure tore the Veil a bit more, and each tear let her peer into the waking world a little more clearly. Now, she watches the Kirkwall mages hungrily, waiting for the perfect target that will be her permanent window to the world of man.....



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