Jacob Moore
Moore Twin
Status Alive
Race Human
Age 28
Birth Date
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Hometown Kirkwall, Free Marches
Residence Lowtown, Kirkwall
Affiliation Thief
Occupation Thief
Class Warrior
Specialization None
Gear Both of the boys wear dark brown rough coats with hoods to cover their faces. They try to match as often as possible so that they can confuse the guards and anyone they are stealing from. Jacob Moore carries a large two handed sword, while Jared carries a one handed blade and a crude wooden shield. Both of them are almost always wearing brown leather shoes.
Behind the Mask
Player Echosong
Face Claim Billy Boyd?
Profile Link Here


Jacob and Jared were born almost identical, other than Jared having a longer face and darker hair. Both of them are on the tall side (Six feet, to be exact), and both of them have curly blonde hair. They inherited their mother’s blue eyes and smile, and have their father’s curly hair. They have generally dry skin and average builds. Jacob has a little more muscle on him than Jared but, other than the differences mentioned, the twins are identical.


Jacob is the more outgoing twin. He hits on girls first, he leads when fighting, and socializes with people well. Jared is outgoing as well, but seems to enjoy taking the back seat. The twins seem to be emotionally down when not around each other.


The twins were born in Kirkwall's Lowtown in the housing district. Their mother was, quite frankly, a whore. She didn't work at the Blooming Rose, but out on the streets so that only the most desperate would go to her. The twins were raised with Willow Moore and eventually another sister. The twins and their sister learned to steal and use weaponry at an early age so that the family could survive.

When out one day gathering mushrooms for the soup, Willow wandered away from the boys. Even after searching for hours, the twins couldn’t find their sister. A few days later, Willow showed up at their house again only to find out that their mother was pregnant again. Willow left, leaving the twins heartbroken.

Since their sister has been gone, the twins have been charged with supporting the family by themselves. This doesn’t seem to work out, however. The twins are still kids, and would much rather be out and goofing off than working or finding food. They steal food and money for a living, and their technique is anything but discreet. Since they are nearly identical, however, the victims are usually left wondering if they had been seeing double.

Airen, the twins’ youngest sister, was brought up by her mother because of their tomfoolery. The brothers are still ‘supporting’ their family, but are only home to have meals and to sleep. They are usually hanging around Lowtown or Hightown, but never enter the pub (seeing as they had already been kicked out once).



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