Status Alive
Race Kossith
Age 22
Birth Date
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Undecided
Hometown Qunandar, Par Vollen
Residence Qunari Compound, Kirkwall Docks
Affiliation Qunari
Occupation Soldier
Class Warrior
Specialization Berserker
Gear Long-bladed Spear, Leather Bracers, Dark Leather Boots, Doeskin Pants, Leather Belt, Leather Pauldrons and Harness (To secure the shoulder Armour and weapon to the back when not being used)
Behind the Mask
Player Evanescent-Dream
Face Claim
Profile Link Here


Karasten's eyes are the color of fresh blood, and are framed by pale lashes and a heavy brow. They have a tendency to glow softly in the darkness, as most Kossith eyes tend to do; but they also possess an unusual softness to them, reflecting the considerable amount of patience and wisdom he possesses.

His face is more angular than most of his kadan'fe, and his jawline is less strong but still square and very masculine. His horns are coal black in color, flecked with streaks of dark brown. At the base of his tines, the hue nearly matches the pallor of his skin, but fades to black shortly before the arches. Karasten's hair is a slightly darker shade than most of his Kossith Brethren, being the whitish-grey color of ash. Karasten's form is slightly leaner than most, highlighting the extensive training he utilizes with his prized spear, which focuses both on flexibility and brute strength. He stands just over eight feet tall, and his hair falls past the middle of his back. Most of the time Karasten leaves it unfettered, but when preparing for battle, his braids his hair into one single tail. Karasten also wraps his horns in red ribbon, though the meaning of his is unknown.


To put it simply, Karasten is a determined character who will do whatever it takes to make a person happy. Although he holds the Qun in the highest regards, he has certain weaknesses that even the Qun can not suppress. Karasten is loyal, thoughtful, patient, and perhaps even a little naive. Despite these facts, he could rip a man in half if his patience runs thin.


Karasten was born and raised in Qunandar, along with most other Qunari. He was raised the same as his brethren, studying for his role when he came of age. Karasten was comfortable with the world the Qun had provided him, and thrived under it's rule.

Many years he spent with his Kadan-fe in training, until the fateful time of his arrival with the Arishok and a large contingent of the army at Kirkwall. The Tome of Koslun had driven the Qunari here, and Karasten took this quest with utmost seriousness. The Karasten learned how to speak in the common tongue, an advantage he planned to use for the benefit of his goal: to satisfy the demand of the Qun.



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