Keeper Marethari
"There are few things in this world more powerful then a promise kept. Remember that. "
Status Alive
Race Elf
Age Old
Birth Date
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Asexual
Hometown Unknown, Dalish Camp
Residence Dalish Camp on Sundermount
Affiliation The Dalish, specifically the Sabrae
Occupation Keeper of the Sabrae Clan
Class Mage
Specialization Keeper
Gear Dalish Keeper Robes, Dalish Stave, Ring of the Keeper, Dalish pendant
Behind the Mask
Player Dylvon
Face Claim
Profile Link Here

Marethari did not need magical ability to know that mirror was misfortune waiting to happen. Even without her enhanced senses she knew that mirror had taken the life if one of her charges, almost two. There was something sinister about that mirror, something wrong. Nothing good could come of this. The eluvian was one piece of history that did not need to be reconstructed and her first was treading down a dangerous path to keep that shard so close. She had only the best of intentions. She had raised Merill like her own child. The thought of Merrill falling to a demon was unbearable. Yet...

She could not berate Merrill for her obsession. Was this not the attitude that Marethari herself had instilled in her First? This thirst for knowledge that would cloud all else, the need to gain back their lost heritage. That was the duty of a Keeper; a First. She had sent Merrill to look for that mirror. She had bade her to return with something. Her intention had been to heal Theron and perhaps Tamlen if only he could have been found. But there was no way. The fate of those boys had been sealed, the mirror destroyed for a good purpose. The Heritage the mirror could have returned was miniscule compared to what was lost to it's taint. Why could her first not see that?

Merrill spurned her well-intentioned guidance. She could not allow the others of the clan to go unknowing. The mirror that had stripped them of two youths planned to strip them of another. She thought perhaps the others could convince her better than Marethari. Do children not listen to their peers before their elders? The lost lore was important, but certainly not as important as the life of their members. Without the Dalish themselves, who is there to recover lore for? The dead cannot enjoy their rich culture. Yet Merrill would listen to no one. Perhaps she was already lost to the Mirror as well. So many things lost and what has been gained? How many times would this simple item break Marethari's heart?

Tamlen...Theron...Merrill...No...Nothing good could come of this mirror.



  • Merrill - "There is no need for you to live alone, Da'len..."
  • Asha'bellanar - "There is no power greater than a promise kept."
  • Theron Mahariel - "I know not what dark power held you, but it nearly bled the life from you."
  • Elain - "You are always welcome back shouldyou change your mind..."

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