Maraas (Xerzen)
Status Alive
Race Kossith
Age 46
Birth Date {{{birthdate}}}
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation As a Kossith, he views relationships from a companionship perspective as opposed to an intimate one.
Hometown Par Vollen
Residence The Wounded Coast
Affiliation Tal'Vashoth
Occupation Mercenary
Class Warrior
Specialization None
Gear Maraas, like most Tal-Vashoth, is equipped only with his spear, and has no excess armor or weaponry.
Behind the Mask
Player Xerzen
Face Claim N/A
Profile Link Here


Maraas is completely gray, naked from the waist up, and devoid of all ceremonial war paint that is so characteristic of his kind. Around his neck hangs a gold necklace, and fitted snuggly around his left bicep is a similar piece of jewelry, along with a leather vambrace that covers his wrist and most of his forearm. Slung across his back is a massive spear, and his eyes are cold and stoic. Instead of a powerful and commanding voice that is usually possessed by the kossith, Maraas’s is more of a soft, hoarse whisper. Yet the intensity is just as powerful, if not more so, than if his voice were like the rest of his kin.


Maraas is a rather curious character, for while he has abandoned the Qun and become a Tal-Vashoth, he has also abandoned the Tal-Vashoth as well. Disinterested in their ruthless and barbaric mannerisms of looting and murdering supply caravans, he left the Tal-Vashoth group he was a part of to become a free lance mercenary. He feels not kinship towards the Qunari or the Tal-Vashoth, and is content living life as a sword for hire. However, he is picky about his clients, as he refuses to accept jobs of those with titles, saying that “they do not have jobs, but causes. The more you stand for, the more will stand against you.” Interestingly, even though he claims no ties to his kin he seems to act like them, adopting a stance that is overtly formal and rather aloof—a very Qunari like action.


Maraas was originally a Tal-Vashoth, but became disinterested with their bloodthirsty goal of pillaging and looting supply caravans, along with murdering those in them. When he was in the process of abandoning them, he happened across Hawke and the small company he had with him, and warns them of the dangers ahead.



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