Nevarra was originally one of the Free Marches, but has grown in power and wealth, aggressively expanding over the last two centuries to become a power that rivals even Orlais. It has fought and courted other Free Marches states, becoming a powerful confederation now ruled by the Pentaghast family. From this family a majority of its rulers have come, many of them military geniuses. It fought and won a long war with Orlai over the mineral-rich hills to the west, and this brought it prestige and wealth. The indigenous cultures of those hills, however, are not happy with Nevarran rule and harsh taxes, and are forming a rebellion that Orlais is happy to support. Though Nevarra City is its capital, Cumberland is one of the largest cities in Thedas, situated on the Minanter River and trading with the Free Marches and beyond. A vast necropolis lies outside of Nevarra city. Nevarrans do not burn their dead, instead preseving them carefully and sealing them in elaborate tombs. The wealthy often start building their tombs young, and these can expand to entire palaces. Nevarra is filled with artistry, from its many statues of legendary Nevarran heroes to its glittering golden College of Magi in Cumberland. It is also known for its dragon-hunters of years past, the most prominent being the Pentaghasts.

Characters from Nevarra