Sindri Valdis
Status Alive
Race Dwarf
Age 27
Birth Date
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Hometown Treviso, Antiva
Residence Lowtown, Kirkwall
Affiliation Dwarven Merchant's Guild
Occupation Merchant of sorts
Class Rogue
Specialization Duelist
Gear See appearance.
Behind the Mask
Player Sauce
Face Claim
Profile Link Here


Her skin is browned by the Antivan sun, and her hair falls in black waves about her shoulders, which she ties back in a half-ponytail. She has a round face, deep brown eyes, and a pair of full lips. She is of average height for a dwarf. Her style of dress consists of off-the-shoulder tunics and leather breeches, complemented by loosely-tied sashes and the occasional piece of jewelry, often found dangling from her earlobes.


She’s a bit of an optimist, and a bit of a realist. In most situations, she takes whichever option promotes the most self-preservation, all the while wearing a smile on her face. She’d rather tell jokes and make up stories than allow anyone to catch a glimpse at her true self.


The Valdis family had spent quite awhile on the surface, taking their business from Orzammar to Antiva for one of the many reasons dwarves leave their earthen roots. By the time Sindri was born, the Valdises had made their mark in Treviso, and she grew into the life of a merchant princess. Her family was rather well-off as most merchants go, but not to the point of excess. While other businesses rose and fell, the Valdis family remained steadfast - which meant maintaining some sort of symbiotic relationship with the local organized crime. It seemed like a necessary and safe enough bet, as long as deals were made and promises were kept.

It wasn’t until later that things went sour. She didn’t have time to wonder why Crows descended upon the Valdis estate in the dead of night, and barely had enough to get out. As far as she knew, her entire family was dead. As far as the Crows knew, she was dead too, unless they were as thorough as the rumors said and checked each body before they torched the place.

Odds were, the assassins weren’t sent to find the Valdis’s family fortune. Perhaps, once they were out of the way, then their employer would go in search of where it was hidden. Sindri took more than enough of what she might need for a fresh start, and didn’t look back the moment she’d crossed the country’s borders. She couldn’t escape no matter how far she went, but she got a head start. In Kirkwall, there were places to hide, and people to hide behind.

And, if she had any luck, maybe they’d forget about her completely.

Or maybe her luck ended with the rest of her family’s lives.



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