Ser Snuffles the Magnificent and Brave
That darn dog!
Status Alive
Race Mabari
Age 3
Birth Date
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation I like floppy ears and cold noses. She has to be ... ohhh! I SEE A TEMPLAR! Does he have a bone???
Hometown Whine. Cocks head.
Residence I know that! I do! I do! I ... live in the CHANTRY! With the most wonderful and important human ever! She has the hobble stick. She won't throw it, but I don't mind.
Affiliation Who needs all that stuff? I'd like to see a templar run faster than me, a Grey Warden howl more ferociously, or a city guard do a mabari charge! Ha! Do I smell cheese.....? I do! Must follow smells!
Occupation I am the best guard EVER for Mother Florence. Ever! She can count on me.
Class Dog. Fear me!
Specialization My howl can freeze the hearts of mere mortal people! Just try and hurt Mother Florence and I'll show you why mabari are fear... is that a butterfly? Oooo chase the bug, chase the... mother Florence is safe? Yes. Chase the bug!
Gear I wear a collar. It's not nice to run around naked.
Behind the Mask
Player Whuffie
Face Claim
Profile Link Here


I have four glorious paws which are perfect for running, jumping, and most of all CHARGING! I have a tail I can wag when I'm happy, and handsome red-brown, short fur. My teeth are vast and furrr-ocious and... is it time to eat yet? I want to eat. Why is it wrong to howl during the Chant? I want to chant too! I... what was I saying? I'm a dog, of course. What more do you want? Did I mention I wear a collar? It makes me like a people. I'm not naked that way.


I have loads of personality. Come a little closer and I'll spread some on your face by licking you!


When I was a puppy, I decided to adopt Mother Florence as my pet human. She needed a mabari. Now I live at the Chantry with her. I can protect her from anything, so watch out! I'm not afraid of anything or anybody!

Sometimes the one who smells like blue and metal and stress takes me for a walk. I like him, but not as much as Mother Florence.



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