The Rebellious Warrior
Status Alive
Race Kossith
Age 35
Birth Date
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Undecided
Hometown Seheron
Residence The Wounded Coast in the Free Marches
Affiliation Tal'Vashoth
Occupation One of the sergeants that makes sure the rest of the group is well prepared and hopeful
Class Warrior
Specialization None (Ashaad)
Gear Dan Oeks, a spear-like length axe, and a Qunari shield.
Behind the Mask
Player Zabani
Face Claim
Profile Link Here


He is very tall, even for a kossith, 2, 4 meter (yes I'm use meter). Muscular and seemed very big, but he is capable of being very fast when running and fighting.

Scarred on the upper left arm. He have a sinister look on his face, looks older than he really is. He frowns alot so his brows is very forward.

Long silky white hair, medium sized horns with one of them partial damaged. Very pointy nose. Wears blackbrown leather pants, with the typical Qunari "crotch protector" plus additional fabric beneath it. His boots is mostly the same as the previous brothers of him had, but does have a heel plate, steel toe tip. He also where shoulder pad on one of his shoulders. Using a leather stomache protector (like Arishok), gauntlet on his left hand, and a wrist band around the other. (Editing this later)



He was born in Seheron, supposed to be an Ashaad.

He had a some sort of a problem with his concentration in his head, so when he was educated by the Tamassaran, the last mentioned could often see that this Ashaad was wandering in his mind. Tal had alot of problem with the theory class of this Qun. But he worked very well on his main task at hand, but he rather be alone from his other brothers, since they tend to be tired of Tal's behavior. Rather looking down upon him.

Tal often had discussions with the priesthood and ran for hours on the shores of Seheron, as a some sort of meditation. But he was lucky to be a Ashaad, since he was often transfered to somewhere else.

One day, he traveled with the Arishok and his men and ended at the Free Marches, where they met with a pirate ship. Despite the fact the Qunari have a very formidable dreadnought, both of the ships was wrecked, and so Ashaad swam for his life with the many Qunari and ended alone on the Wounded Coast.





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