Status Alive
Race Kossith
Age 25
Birth Date
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Hometown Tal'Vashoth Clan
Residence Kirkwall
Affiliation Tal'Vashoth
Occupation Spear Bearer
Class Warrior
Specialization Guardian
Gear A hard lioncloth. He also has forearm bracers. He has a spear holder slung over shoulder.
Behind the Mask
Player Korithetramp
Face Claim
Profile Link Here


As a normal Kossith, he has dark skinned, gray eyes and light silver hair. He has crisscrossed scars on his back from the beatings he took as a child. He is about 6'5".


He is extremely shy. Never wants to start the fights, but he will end them. He has a taste for ale. And is often found in a bar with a LARGE cloak hiding his features.


Talan watched his whole clan be murdered in front of his eyes. The women, the children and the warriors. By the elven Trader known only as Velantic. Velantic was the one who cast the killing blow to Talan's mother, driving Talan to run to a spear and throw it. At the last second, another elf had pushed his master away and took the spear into the elf's chest. Velantic had seen how well the boy had thrown the spear and kidnapped the boy. Soon, even Talan was beat into submission, the scars he will always carry. Velantic soon let down his guard and he met his end at the sharp end of a spear wielded by Talan.

He wandered throughout Rivian when his former master was killed and soon he was "caught" by Qunari and taken to Kont-Aar, where he was 're-educated' by the Ben-Hassrath. And soon when the Arishok's ships landed on the beaches of Kirkwall, he saw how damaging effects of the humans and the kossith. His kind was met with disdain and mistrust, and depsite his knowledge of the elves and the humans, even he was ignored.

Except by one.

A young human named Maggie, whom he began to feel for. Until he learned that the Qun did not give him what he wanted. Her. So he left and soon found that Maggie had some secrets of her own, and he told her he would protect her always.

He now patrols the beaches to keep travelers and their like from the Tal'Vashoth and the bandits that raid the sandy beach dunes. And to keep a eye out for his human lover Maggie



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