Tasha Vasieli
Status Alive
Race Dwarf
Age 25
Birth Date
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Hometown Orzammar
Residence Kirkwall
Affiliation Herself
Occupation Mercenary
Class Warrior
Specialization Berserker
Gear Tasha likes to wear the traditional armor of her house; she finds it makes her look more impressive. It is darker in color than the armor of house Aeducan, but the style is the same.
Behind the Mask
Player Tamdrin/Tackles
Face Claim
Profile Link Here


She is of average height for a dwarf, and carries herself well, appearing taller for it. Her face is very pretty, but severe. She hardly ever smiles. Dark red makeup shades her lips and accentuates her eyes, which are amber in color. Her hair is a vibrant red and very long, but she keeps it strictly tied back. The style varies; her preference is braids. Her skin is pale, as she spent most of her life underground.


Tasha was a lesser cousin of a noble family in Orzammar. Though she was never very important and not particularly outstanding, she is convinced that she deserves to be treated like a queen.


Tasha was raised to believe that she was the perfect example of a Dwarven woman. To this day, she treats others as though they should feel blessed in her presence. She was trained to act like a lady, elegant, graceful, and poised. However, Tasha wasn't foolish enough to believe that these skills would win her the glory she craved. To her parents' chagrin, she studied the ways of the Warrior caste (though always considering herself above them, naturally), and became a proficient fighter. Good enough to compete in the Provings, perhaps, though she never tried. Such things were below her. Her lust for power was always evident. She was not above using any underhanded tactic to advance her position.

When the head of her house, a distant cousin of hers, began planning an expedition into the Deep Roads to recover the lost Thaigs, Tasha was thrilled. She believed that, if she played her cards right, she could be declared a paragon by successfully reclaiming some of the lost Dwarven land. However, her parents did not share in her enthusiasm. They decided to leave for the surface rather than risk their lives in the Deep Roads, in what they considered a doomed endeavor. Despite Tasha's violent protests, they uprooted her from her home. To this day, she refuses to consider herself a surface dwarf. Her parents settled into a happy existence as merchants in Kirkwall, where business boomed. Especially the illegal lyrium trade.

Tasha knew she was destined for more. She's been adventuring as a sell-sword since she was old enough to leave her family, and she's never looked back. She plans on moving up in the world, no matter the cost.



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