Tventus Krta
Status Alive
Race Human
Age 18
Birth Date
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Hometown Minrathous
Residence Kirkwall
Affiliation Circle of Magi
Occupation (Former) Magister's Apprentice, Circle Mage
Class Mage
Specialization Force Mage
Gear Robes of the Void
Behind the Mask
Player Tventus
Face Claim
Profile Link Here


Medium jet black hair that curls slightly. White eyes, the cause of generations of magic in his blood. Pale skin with several brown specks across his body. His body is of average build, slightly more muscular given his staff training. He is five feet and eleven inches tall. His jawline is slender and of proper proportion to the rest of his face. His face shows no hair other then the strands of hair falling from atop his head.


Kind, caring, thorough, eccentric, calm, understanding, insatiably hungry for knowledge.


Born in the Krta Family, a family of near deranged blood magisters. He was raised to be ruthless and cunning. Though only half of that stuck to him. He would rather help the slaves prepare food or clean the manor than mingle with the other lesser noble families of the Tevinter Imperium. Every day he studied, trained in staff fighting, helped the slaves, and spending time with his personal slave, and best friend, Lyrum. For his kindess and "softness" toward the slaves and his positive mentality he was ridiculed by his family and other noble children his age. The only reason he was not disowned for his "weak" personality was because he was a competent force magician and a near genius with magical theorums and circles. After turning eighteen he set out to Kirkwall to meet with the Circle of Magic to study what they hold in their library. With the need to know all that he can learn before his passing he will reach the continents afar and study under the many Circles of Thedas.



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