Vaughan Urien
Status: Dead
Race Human
Age 27
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual / Sadist
Hometown Denerim
Residence Denerim
Affiliation None
Occupation Current Arl of Denerim after his release from Howe’s Dungeon and the death of Howe
Class Warrior
Specialization None, unless you count being without personality and being sadistic scum a specialization
Gear Noble clothing, sword, heavy chainmail which spends most of its time on an armour stand in his estate.
Behind the Mask
Player Whuffie
Face Claim N/A
Profile Link Here


He's always had the best of everything, and it shows in how he dresses. Always fashionable, he keeps his brown hair cut short, and his facial hair neatly trimmed. He's a personal friend to Queen Anora and makes sure he lives up to the high standards of living at Court.


Sadistic. Vaughan hides his sadism well except for his forays into the Alienage where he and his friends can abduct elves for their "parties." Most of the women who are grabbed come back beaten, bruised and repeatedly abused. Occasionally someone gets too rough and they don't come back at all. It makes no difference to him. Who's going to miss a few elves?

Conducting himself around the nobility he's arrogant but intelligent. He can argue with the best of them at a Landsmeet, but ultimately he's always out for his own self interests.


Vaughan had a rough year during the Blight. He’s the son of Arl Urien and his father had always turned a blind eye toward his son’s more “eccentric behavior.” He began when he was just a boy, and he was quick to make friends with other noble children who shared his enthusiasm for torturing animals. They pushed other children around, bullied, beat them up, and enjoyed spreading terror where they went.

When Vaughan and his sycophants started coming into their teens, their perversity began to really come to life. (Let’s just use our imaginations here, because there’s no need to go into details. Most people have played the City Elf Origin.) He attracted people into the guards who had similar tastes and there was some problems in the Alienage right before the Blight. Some bitch bottled him around that time when he and his boys were grabbing a few elven whores at a mockery of a wedding. They rounded up some of them later to have their fun anyway, but things didn’t go as well as planned. They escaped, and before he could get his revenge over it, his father, Arl Urien, was killed at Ostagar.

Rendon Howe put him in prison as “another victim of the elven uprising” and took his place as the Arl of Denerim. On his release by the unwitting Hero of Ferelden who had no idea what sort of Monster he was, Vaughan got out of his cell on an oath to support Alistair at the Landsmeet. He lived up to his promise. Once things settled after the Blight, his Arling was returned to him as the rightful owner.



He is glad to remind everyone that he is friendly with Queen Anora and supports her decisions, particularly in dealing with the elves in his Arling. The Cousland family is an irritation to him, and you can expect that city elves don't like him (for good reason.)


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