Master Wade
"It's utter garbage!"
Status Alive
Race Human
Age 42
Birth Date
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Homosexual
Hometown Denerim, Ferelden
Residence Kirkwall, Free Marches
Affiliation Gay smith 4 lyfe
Occupation Master arms and armorer
Gear Hammer, anvil and Herren
Behind the Mask
Player Balth
Face Claim
Profile Link Here

Why do I always have to work on armor for nobles. Why cannot Herren let me do anything fun. Thought the master armorer as he continued to pound away at the ornate chestplate on the anvil in front of him. Stopping for a brief moment, he glanced at the armor to determine his work. He knew he would find a flaw, he knew it. Eyes continued to glance over the armor before stopping at a jewel out of place.

“Garbage!” The master smith exclaimed before tossing the armor onto a pile of other ‘rejects’ “I must start again, it must be perfect!”

Knowing Herren was likely experiencing a hernia by now, the smith disappeared into the rear of the shop to grab more silverite ore to begin the armor anew. Opening the door to the storeroom, Wade slowly looked for the silverite slabs on one of the shelves.

“Why does he always have to order them by size. He knows I like my specimens by their look.” The smith muttered to himself, before beginning to examine each slab of ore.

Eyes slowly peered from slab to slab, looking for quality and shininess in each one. Each ore had its own fancy, but one in particular was perfect for what he envisioned. It was the perfect specimen of silverite. It shined brightly and was malleable enough to strike with his hammer. This noble would look so good in it. Silverite plate, adorned in emerald, diamond and ruby. It would look so wonderful when complete!

“Herren, I like this one.” He commented before disappearing back to the forge, waiting for Herren to carry the slab to him.

I wish I had some dragon scales. Oh what I could do with them. Or a crab shell. So many possibilities! If only a customer would come in with such an excitable offer! He thought as he looked down at the slab that was heating in the furnace.

Looking over his shoulder, he was greeted with the stare of a potential customer. “Herren the customers are bothering me again!” He whined before returning to his work.



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